This Dog Is Sneaking Into Homes And Pooping On Pillows

Jack the dog has been sneaking out of his house to poop on neighbours' pillows, but his owner wants them to be "nice" to the dog.

Rick Didham took to his local community's Facebook page to alert his neighbours his pooch had been causing mischief.

"Im [sic] so embarrassed and ashamed to say this but Jack has somehow gotten out of the property more than once," Didham wrote in the  Beach Haven and Birkdale Community group, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Image: Rick Didham/ Facebook

But the escape artist is leaving presents behind for his neighbours.

"Apparently he has been caught by more than one of our neighbors sneaking in their cat door and doing number twos on peoples bedroom pillows," said Didham.

His owner said the dog had been escaping through a small hole in his fence, and sneaking into nearby homes.

There is not a known reason for Jack's pillow-pooping, but Didham asked that if neighbours do catch him in the act, that they please be "nice".

'If you see him please be nice to him as if you're mean he comes back and does it again," he said.

Many commenters were on hand to offer their advice, but Didham said his dog is beyond help.

Image: Rick Didham/ Facebook

"He is extremely intelligent and cunning. If he were a human he would be in jail," Didham replied on the post.

"He literally is an arsehole, if you give him a treat he will place it near another animal to show it off, then growl at them if they come too close to it."

If you have been targeted by Jack, Didham has offered to replace your pillowcases.

"I'm not a dog expert but I think he has psychotic tendencies, he looks sorry but I think hes just waiting to do it again," he said.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, Didham said he had been aware of his dog's weird defacation habits for some time.

"You need to give him a treat and he will leave you alone," he said.

"He does this with us too, starring us out while he finishes it and then brazenly running off. It's disgusting. He is very stubborn which is a bichon/shitzu trait. Its been upsetting to hear people have been telling off their own animals."

We hope they find where Jack is escaping from, the sake of the pillows.