Alt-Right Activist Chains Herself To Twitter HQ Over Account Suspension

Laura Loomer, whose Twitter account was suspended for 'hate speech', handcuffed herself to Twitter HQ in New York in protest at her treatment by the social media giant.

The alt-right activist had her account suspended last week for 'hate speech' and has taken her fight to the source.

“Twitter is upholding sharia [law] when they ban me for tweeting facts about sharia law,” Loomer said, on a livestream video of her protest.

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Armed with billboards printed with her own tweets and a megaphone, Loomer said she is protesting the "double standards" Twitter has in banning conservative media. She handcuffed herself to one of the doors to Twitter's building in New York City.

Loomer had previously claimed she was banned for calling newly-elected US congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Muslim woman, “anti Jewish".

“The account holder was suspended for violating our policies. We apply the Twitter Rules impartially and not based on ideology," a Twitter spokesperson told HuffPost.

But her protests aren't being met with much sympathy, particularly on Twitter (not that she can see it, having been banned).

According to those watching the 'protest', Loomer is hoping to be arrested as a PR stunt, but the NYPD is not biting. They did offer to cut her out of her handcuffs, though.

She was there a while, but eventually gave up.

NYPD did as they promised, and cut the handcuffs off.

She didn't get her Twitter account back.

Earlier this week, she filed a lawsuit to sue the social media giant.

“I found it necessary to join this lawsuit to end the discrimination by big tech social media companies against Conservatives like myself,” Loomer wrote on her website.

After the Santa Fe High School shooting in May, Loomer implied on Twitter the event had been staged.

Loomer's account suspension is one of several alt-right accounts to be pulled by Twitter since last year.