Talk About Luck! Watch The Moment This Dutch Cyclist Narrowly Escapes Train Collision

Now that's Dutch courage.

A cyclist in the Netherlands very narrowly escaped being hit by a passenger train as he crossed a set of unguarded train tracks.

The hair-raising moment, caught on CCTV, shows the rider navigating through barriers before stopping to let a large freight train pass.

It appears his view of the oncoming train on the opposite set of tracks was obstructed as the first train passed. With the false belief the tracks were clear and safe to cross, the rider proceeded.

The cyclist realised he was in serious danger. Image: Twitter/Pro Rail.

But it soon became clear he was in grave danger as the passenger train hurtled towards him at high speed.

The rider jumped from the bike's seat and used his legs to spur himself frantically towards the safety of the other side.

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Thankfully he made it, but only just.

The video was posted to Dutch track management Twitter page Pro Rail with a warning on how near misses with trains affect train drivers.

"Every accident has a huge impact on railway personnel, aid workers and survivors," the post read.

Featured Image: Twitter/Pro Rail. 

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