Warning After 'Perfect' Couple Found Dead In Bed Together

Michelle Avila's parents have warned that their daughter's death is proof that "what looks perfect, is not perfect".

Avila, 23, and her boyfriend Christian Kent, 20, were found dead in their bed after a suspected overdose last month.

Avila's mother, Adriana, found the couple and said they appeared to look as though they were hugging.

Michelle Avila. Image GoFundMe

But they had died from a drug overdose, despite Avila's parents not knowing she had an addiction.

"There were no signs," Adriana told the Orange County Register.

Avila's father, Paulo, said they had moved from Los Angeles to Newport Beach in the affluent Orange County to provide a "safer place" for his daughters, but blamed the U.S.' growing opioid addiction for his daughter's death.

"You’re supposed to care for what God gave you, and she was God’s gift," said Paulo.

"That’s what’s eating me, from inside out. How come I failed? It just destroys me."

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Michelle and her father, Paulo. Image: Facebook

Avila and Kent, who had been dating for a year, had been at a friend's party the night before their deaths, although Adriana said they "didn't party much".

Neither had been drinking as they were both on antibiotics for the flu.

They returned home just after midnight and said good night to Adriana, before Avila laid out her clothes for work the next morning.

The couple planned to attend California State University together next year. Image: Instagram

However, when Adriana came home the next day at 4pm, she found Avila and Kent dead in their beds.

Toxicology reports will take months to be released, but Paulo is convinced they died of a drug overdose after talking to police.

The couple had been planning on attending California State University next year together, and were described as the "perfect" couple.

They routinely posted photos with each other on social media of their surfing and travel adventures.

The Avila family has set up a GoFundMe account that Paulo hopes will fund a youth education program about drugs.

"My mission…is to send a message. To show how beautiful people can go through something like that. You’re protected by nothing," he said.