Put Your Paddles Up: Norwegian Teen Makes Miraculous Ping Pong Save

In a move Forest Gump would be proud of, a determined teenage table tennis player has proven sometimes defence is the best form of attack. 

Christopher Chen, a Norwegian 15-year-old, served up one of the most miraculous ping pong saves the ping pong community has seen in years -- and boy are we excited.

Norwegian sports club Trondheim Bordtennisklubb initially posted the now-viral video of the moment, which played out during a second division amateur match in Trondheim.

The teenager, laying hopelessly under the table after lunging forward to counter a power shot from his opponent, stuck his paddle up in a less-than-serious attempt to make a blind play.

With a wide open table in front of him, Chen's opponent managed to whack the ball right into his opponent's paddle.

Or did Chen's paddle manage to find the ball?

"There was no doubt luck," Chen reportedly told Norway's NRK.

"It's once in a lifetime and I'm unable to do that again, I'm 99 percent sure."

“I lay under the table and thought the ball was lost. So I just did something I thought was fun. Amazingly, he hit my racket."

So if you were in the market for an up and coming table tennis star to follow, we're recommending this guy.