London Is Getting A New Building And *Sniggers* It Looks A Lot Like A...

London's skyline is set to get a new addition -- the Tulip.

The building will stand at 305 metres, making it the second highest in the U.K., just three feet below The Shard.

The proposed new building 'The Tulip' against the London city skyline. Image: Foster & Partners

The Tulip, designed by Fosters & Partners, will serve no purpose other than to be a viewing platform for tourists.

The outside of the proposed new building in London, 'The Tulip'. Image: Foster & Partners

But it's the unique shape of the building that has caught the attention of locals, who have come up with their own nicknames.

Phallic and other sex-related shapes seem to be the most popular comparisons made.

Londoners have a great tradition of naming buildings, most notably there is the Gherkin, the Cheese Grater and the Walkie Talkie.

But they're not the only ones who love a good nickname.

In Berlin, their art museum, the House of World Cultures, is affectionately  known as 'The Pregnant Oyster'.

The Pregnant Oyster. Image: Getty Images

Beijing's CCTV media building is unflatteringly known as the 'Hemorrhoid' or 'Big  Underpants'.

The Hemorrhoid Image: Getty Images

The 'Bathtub' in Amsterdam is the nickname given to the latest addition to the Stedelijk Museum.

The Bathtub Image: Stedelijk Museum

But it's Dubliners who, without a doubt, take the cake when it comes to naming landmarks.

The statue of Anna Livia, commissioned for the Dublin Millennium, is commonly called 'the floozie in the jacuzzi'.

Anna Livia statue. Image: Getty Images

The Spire -- a giant metal pole in the centre of the city -- has the unfortunate moniker of 'the stiffy on the Liffey' (referring to the River Liffey that runs through Dublin).

The Spire. Image: Getty Images

National icon Molly Malone doesn't escape the nickname treatment either, having earned herself quite a few.

'The tart with the cart', 'the dish with the fish' and the 'dolly with the trolley' are some of the nicer names sweet Molly Malone has been bestowed with.

Molly Malone Statue, Dublin. Image: Getty Images

Back home in Australia, apparently we call the Sydney Opera House the 'Nuns in a Scrum'. Yeah, we'd never heard of that one either.