Man Having A Stroke Punched By Motorcyclist

The man was seen driving erratically on a motorway before colliding with other vehicles.

Surrey Police said they received reports of a suspected drunk driver who was seen colliding with vehicles before stopping on the hard shoulder on a busy motorway.

Several drivers pulled over near the man's car, including a motorcyclist who assaulted the driver, police said.

According to a statement obtained by local news station ITV, police said the motorcyclist punched the driver before driving off.

"It soon became apparent that the driver, a man in his 40’s, had suffered a medical episode," police said on Monday.

It's understood he remains in hospital receiving treatment.

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The incident occurred just after 10am on Saturday on London's busy M25 motorway.

Local police are now appealing for witnesses to help track down the motorcyclist.

Featured Image: Roads Policing Unit (Traffic) for @SurreyPolice.