Chinese City Disappears In Epic Sandstorm

And we thought we had it bad in Sydney.

The city of Zhangye, in China's northwestern province of Gansu, was shrouded in a yellow fog on Sunday caused by a sandstorm.

A massive sandstorm is seen sweeping through the city of Zhangye in northwest China's Gansu province. Image: AP

The 100 metre high wall of sand enveloped the city at about 4pm local time, reducing visibility to less than 10 metres.

Sandstorms are common in this area during the dry season, as winds bring in sand from the nearby Gobi desert.

Young Chinese students gather on the court at a school. Image: AP

However, locals were shocked at how intensive Sunday's storm was considering the time of year.

"The dust storm reached when I was just walking out of my home so I ran back and stayed at home for the rest of the afternoon. I could not see anything through my window. Visibility was very low,” resident Wu Ping told Bloomberg News.

“Usually we have dust storms here in spring, not in winter. This is probably the worst dust storm I have seen in 10 years.”

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The strong winds that fueled the storm also caused fires in rural areas of the province.

Chinese news agency Xinhua has reported Beijing is expected to be hit by a sandstorm later in the week.

Feature Image: AP