Horror Twist In Footballer's Grisly Mutilation And Murder


The mutilated body of Daniel Correa Freitas, 24, was discovered in the bush near Sao Jose on October 27, with his genitals found in a nearby tree.

Freitas was partially beheaded, and forensic reports now suggest his genitals could have been cut off while he was still alive.

He also had a stab wound to his neck that was so deep it "exposed the victim’s cervical spine … cutting deeply through the (upper) cervical muscle," a forensic report by Parana Scientific Police and the Medical Legal Institue (MIL) said.

Daniel Correa Freitas, a 24-year-old midfielder for Brazilian club Sao Paulo,

“Our investigation reached the conclusion that emasculation [castration]  most likely happened after the stabbing act, but it’s not possible to specify the (exact) moment when this occurred. Whether it was before or after death,” IML chief Paulino Pastre told local media.

“The main characteristic is that the lesion (in the genital area) had little blood, little clotting. The blood was less significant in this region than in the neck.”

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Local businessman Edison Brittes confessed to the killing, but claimed it was in retaliation to Freitas raping his wife, Cristiana Brittes.

Cristiana and Edison Brittes. Image: Facebook

The footballer had spent the night partying with the Brittes' family, as they celebrated the 18th birthday of their daughter Allana.

Freitas had been invited home with the couple to continue celebrations, when Edison Brittes allegedly found him lying in bed with Cristiana.

Prosecutors said they believe Freitas did not sexually assault Cristiana, but rather, it was a "joke" that went wrong.

“(Cristiana) allegedly led the player to believe that the joke (of taking a picture next to her) would be harmless (and viewed) in the circumstances in which they were taken,' prosecutor Joao Milton Salles told local broadcaster Globo TV.

Edison has been formally charged with murder, and prosecutors have now decided they would pursue a murder charge against Cristiana, as well as charges of procedural fraud and coercion of witnesses.

“Following the analysis of the investigation, the conclusion I reached was that this homicide would never have happened the way it did without the decisive performance of Cristiana," Salles said.

Prosecutors believe Edison Brittes "lost his temper" after finding Freitas in the bed, and beat him savagely before being bundled into a car and driven to the bushland, where he was stabbed and mutilated.

Bloodstains were also found in the couple's bedroom as well as their car.

Edison Brittes confesses to the murder on TV. Image: TV Globo

The family's lawyer refuted the claims Cristiana was involved in the murder, and Edison also claimed he was alone when he "dragged" the body into the bush and committed the murder.

"Cristiana tried to prevent the player from being attacked. More than one witness heard her calling for help to stop (the crime),” the Brittes' lawyer Claudio Dalledone said.

However, the forensic report said evidence showed two people had carried the body into the bush.

“Daniel’s body was carried by more than one person to the place where (it) was found," the report said.

“Dorsal, thoracic and thigh injuries from Daniel’s body point out that (at least) two people carried the player (to the area),” Pastre said.

Daniel Correa Freitas mutilated body. Image: Curitiba Civil Police/ FocusOn News

The couple's daughter, Allana, has also been indicted for coercion of witnesses and procedural fraud.

The couple's 12-year-old daughter is now in the care of neighbours.

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