Indian Authorities In Tense Face-Off With Remote Tribe

Indian authorities have been involved with tense stand-off with the remote Sentinelese tribe, as they attempt to retrieve American missionary's body.

Over the weekend, Indian police made their way by boat to the remote North Sentinel island as they continue to search for John Allen Chau's body.

Chau attempted to make contact with the notoriously hostile tribe last week before he was believed to have been killed by an arrow.

John Allen Chau travelled to the island as a missionary.

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As retrieval missions continue,  Dependra Pathak, the region's police chief, told AFP that police spotted the tribe watching them armed with bows and arrows, as they were 400 metres from shore in a boat.

“They stared at us and we were looking at them,” Pathak said.

"The mission was done from a distance to avoid any potential conflict with the tribespeople as it's a sensitive zone," he said. "We are discussing with anthropologists and psychologists about the nature of the Sentinelese."

The North Sentinel Tribe. Image: YouTube/Doc Facts

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The tribe has been seen in the area where it is believed Chau's body was dragged and buried.

Authorities will continue to work out a way to retrieve Chau's body, but must be mindful of the legalities surrounding the tribe.

"There are legal requirements as well which we need to keep in mind while carrying out the operation," Pathak saud,

"We are also studying the 2006 case where two local fishermen were killed. The bodies were recovered then."