People Are Shooting And Beheading Sea Lions

In the sad reality of the world we live in, the number of sea lions being shot is rising.

This is according to Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network, a US volunteer group that responds to reports of dead or alive marine life along West Seattle's coastline.

It's publication Blubberblog has reported that since September alone, 13 sea lions have been reported dead with six having been confirmed shot and one having had its head cut off so an autopsy could not be performed.

Sea lion. Photo: Getty Images)

Apparently the rise of shootings is not uncommon around this time as the shootings "not so coincidentally increase in correlation with fish runs, year round" according to Blubberblog. 

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A sea lion pup. Photo: Getty Images

It is a federal crime to kill,  harass or injure marine mammals in the US as they are protected by federal law. It carries fines up to US$25,000 and jail time.

A Galapagos sea lion. Photo: Getty Images

For almost two months the majestic creatures have been washing up on the shoreline, dead. They migrate to the area in search of food at this time of year.

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