If You're Willing To Move, We've Found A House That Will Cost You Pocket Change

It's not exactly a homemaker's dream, but guys, TWO BUCKS.

A house in Bradford in England is set to be auctioned off, with the bids starting at just one pound.

That's just under two Aussie dollarydoos.

The three-bedroom property doesn't have a reserve price as it was badly damaged during a fire in 2015. There's also no tax associated with the purchase because of the home's less-than-perfect condition.

While it's not exactly a homemaker's dream, it certainly could be the perfect opportunity for anyone with a little DIY or renovation experience.

According to UK news outlet Metro, houses on the same street sell for an average of 67,000 pounds ( $AUD118,000).

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Saddat Abid, Senior Property Buyer, told Metro said the property has lots of potential.

"This is a rare opportunity and perfect for a home owner who wants to end up a with a mortgage free affordable home," he said.

Liverpool council is currently selling off 120 derelict properties under a Homes for a Pound scheme.

The property is set to be auctioned off in Leeds on December 12.

Featured Image: Twitter/ Canada Yahoo. 

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