'God, I Don't Want To Die' The Chilling Diary Entry Of Killed Missionary

Some of John Allen Chau's final journal entries show his will to live and his determination to spread the Christian message.

Chau, 26, kept a detailed journal of his travel experiences and often posted images of his adventures on Instagram. Chau's mother provided The Washington Post with the journal entries from his final days.

Chau described a dark and dangerous journey on a small fishing boat to the remote island where the people of North Sentinel live in small huts.

It's illegal under Indian law to travel to North Sentinel, a place where people have lived for thousands of years. It is widely known that the island's people meet outsiders with suspicion and often attack when they approach.

Chau described the tribespeople as about five feet tall and with yellow paste on their faces. Chau said the people reacted angrily when he tried to speak their language and sing 'worship songs' to them.

"You guys might think I’m crazy in all this but I think it’s worthwhile to declare Jesus to these people,” Chau wrote in a last note to his family on November 16.

"God, I don’t want to die.”

After he approached the tribe for the first time, he was shot at with arrows and so he swam back to the fishing boat where he recorded his experiences in his journal.

Chau also wrote about how incredible, yet dangerous the remote area was.

“Why does this beautiful place have to have so much death here?” he questioned just hours before his death.

I hope this isn’t one of my last notes but if it is ‘to God be the Glory.’

The next morning Chau travelled back to the island to attempt to connect with the Sentinelese once more.

But, he never returned.

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Indian authorities are now struggling to recover Chau's body. Police are working with anthropologists and tribal welfare experts to work out the best and safest way to recover Chau's body after he was transported to the island by a group of fisherman. 

While is it believed Chau was shot dead with arrows, this can't be confirmed until his body is recovered.

What exactly happened to the 26-year-old is largely unknown, but seven people have been arrested for helping Chau access the island including five fisherman, a local tour guide and Chau's friend.

Featured Image: Instagram/ John Allen Chau. 

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