Woman Sentenced To 10 Years Jail For Faking Primary School Diploma

The harsh penalty was issued after it was revealed the 53-year-old had only finished Year 5 but had shown forged papers that she had completed Year 6.

The cleaner from Greece was found guilty of defrauding the public, local news agencies reported.

The woman had worked at a publicly-funded nursery for 15 years before a review discovered she had fibbed on a certificate documenting her earlier education.

It's believed the woman doctored the certificate to show she had completed Year 6 in primary school, when she had only finished Year 5.

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The decision has been slammed in Greece, with the Hellenic League for Human Rights condemning it as an "inhumane" decision of "excessive rigidity".

The organisation said it was "perfectly reasonable" that a person is punished for procuring fake documents but criticised the ruling as "monstrous punishment".

"But both the criminal law and the criminal judge, whose decision is the fate of a person, must always respect the principle of proportionality."

The woman's identity has not been revealed.

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