Reporter Taken Out By Accidental Tackle

An ESPN presenter reporting a college game was taken out when play spilled into the sidelines.

Laura Rutledge was knocked clean to the ground during Saturday's game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Massachusetts Minutemen.

Bulldogs running back Prather Hudson collided with Rutledge while being forced out of play by a defender.

Despite the ferocity of the accidental tackle, Laura Rutledge got up immediately. Photo: ESPN.

"Took an L in Athens today," Rutledge tweeted along with a video of the incident.

"So many thanks to everyone at [the University of Georgia] for their help after this happened .... even though I'm a Gator."

Afterwards, Hudson tried to ask Rutledge out on a date to apologise.

"Hey Laura Rutledge really sorry I knocked you down, but... I can pick you up at seven," he tweeted.

But Rutledge -- a former Miss Florida, who has spoken out about the sexism she faces as a woman reporting on sport in the past -- chose to ignore the offer, and only responded when a person on Twitter said the proposal went straight "over her head".

"Actually nope but I'm married," she replied.

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Photo: ESPN.