Airline Crew Asks Passengers To Pay For Broken Plane Part While Sitting On The Tarmac

Passengers were asked to pay for the plane part by an airline employee while waiting for repairs.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, owned by LOT Polish Airlines, was stranded for nearly 10 hours at Beijing International Airport after the hydraulic pump broke.

The problem was noticed by crew after it landed in Beijing, and Boeing staff demanded cash for the replacement part.

“He had no right to do it, because our settlements are cashless,” said LOT spokesman Adrian Kubicki in a statement.

Image: LOT Polish Airlines

The airline said the "unusual fundraiser" was organised by a LOT employee, a statement backed by passengers.

“Some passengers were solicited by a representative of the LOT,” said a passenger to Polish TVN24 channel.

“It was finally possible to collect the necessary amount. It was refunded to the four passenger lenders upon arrival in Warsaw, still on the plane.”

Approximately 2,500 Chinese yuan ($500AUD) was collected in the bizarre whip around.

Image: LOT Polish Airlines

However, LOT did not condoned the act, and blamed the staff member who had acted without consulting anyone before making the decision.

“The representative of LOT should have both cash and credit card with him,” said Kubicki.

“The company provides them with funds to solve similar situations. There are no circumstances that justify asking money from passengers.”