Your Evening Commute Is Not As Bad As The Appalling Los Angeles Thanksgiving Traffic

Give thanks that things are not this bad in Australia.

The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving in the United States. Between now and then, pretty much everybody is trying to get somewhere.

In Los Angeles, they're not getting anywhere fast.

The Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area has more than 13 million people, which makes it the country's second largest city after New York. But LA has notoriously poor public transport compared to New York, which means the roads are even more clogged than usual right now.

As in, really, really clogged.

Yeah, not good at all.

Nup, no thanks.

More than 54 million Americans are set to hit the road in the coming 24 hours for the holiday which many families regard as a more important time to get together than Christmas.

The Thanksgiving holiday originated as a harvest festival, and whilst it has religious overtones of giving thanks to the Lord, it is generally regarded as a secular holiday.

We Australians should just be thankful we don't have traffic like they have in LA -- even if the peak hour commute in our largest cities can feel like it at times.