Woman Killed Lover, Cooked Him And Served Him As Lunch

A Moroccan woman has been accused of killing her lover, cooking him and then serving him to a group of workers.

Prosecutors in the United Arab Emirates say the woman killed her boyfriend three months ago, but the crime was only recently discovered when a tooth was found inside her blender.

The pair had been in a relationship for seven years, but the woman is said to have killed her lover when he revealed his plan to marry someone else from Morocco.

Police have not revealed how the man was killed, but they did say the woman used his remains as the meat in a traditional rice dish. She then served the food to a group of Pakistani workers nearby where she lives.

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Local media reports it was the victim's brother who discovered the gruesome crime. He went looking for the man in the couple's home city of Al Ain which is on the border with Oman.

It was he that discovered the human tooth in the blender. After it was DNA tested it was confirmed the tooth belonged to his brother.

Initially, the woman denied the killing, claiming she simply kicked her former loved out of their home. Later, under police questioning, she admitted to the crime and said she enlisted the help of a friend to clean up the apartment after the victim's death.

She was taken to hospital for a mental health assessment and is expected to face trial after police conclude their investigation.

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