Whale Washes Up On Beach With 115 Plastic Cups In Stomach

A dead sperm whale has washed up on a beach in a national park in Indonesia.

Park officials said they cleared nearly six kilograms of plastic waste from the animal's stomach in a grotesque display of the affects littering and plastic use can have on nature.

The nine-and-a-half metre long carcass was found in the water near Kapota Island in the Watatobi National Park in southwest Sulawesi late on Monday.

Workers removed 115 plastic drinking cups, four plastic bottles, 25 plastic bags and two beach thongs from inside the whale.

Six kilos of plastic were pulled from the whale's stomach. Image: Reuters.

Conservation coordinator for WWF Indonesia Dwi Suprapti told the Associated Press that authorities have been unable to confirm if the plastic caused the whale's death.

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"Although we have not been able to deduce the cause of death, the facts that we see are truly awful," Suprapti said.

The use of throw-away plastics is a big problem in southeast Asian nations like China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, for example.

The cause of the whale's death is yet to be determined.Image: Reuters.

According to a comprehensive global study released in 2010, eight million tonnes of plastic went into the ocean that year and the rate has remained constant in the last eight years according to environment organisation Earth Day.

It was also recently predicted that there will more plastic in the world's oceans than fish by 2050.

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Featured Image: Reuters. 

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