TV Presenter Suffers Heart Attack Live On-Air

A TV presenter who had been fitted with a pacemaker just days earlier suffered a heart attack live on-air.

Şükrü Oytan, a sports presenter for a local television channel in Eskişehir, Turkey, was analysing a soccer match when he suddenly paused, slumping forward onto the desk in front of him.

After a few moments, his concerned presenter stood up and walked over to Oytan, at which point he fell off his chair and onto the floor.

The shocking moment was broadcast live on-air.

Emergency services were called, and Oytan is reportedly recovering in hospital.

Just ten days earlier, Oytan was fitted with a pacemaker after being diagnosed with arrhythmia, the local television channel said in a statement. Pacemakers are usually used to treat arrhythmias such as bradycardia, otherwise known as a slow heart beat.

"Şükrü our patient was taken to the hospital as a result of a short-term unconsciousness during his program today," the channel said.

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Lead photo: Sputnik Turkey.