Incredible Video Captures Daring Rescue Operation

Two helicopter pilots in the U.S. are being commended for their bravery after rescuing three people and their two dogs from a mountain peak.

Air operations pilots David Nordquist and Joel Smith were in the middle of undertaking a water-drop to help tackle the devastating Woolsey Fire on November 9 when they were called to a civilian rescue on top of a mountain peak.

Video has emerged of their incredible actions at Castro Peak above Malibu, with the pilots forced to battle through thick columns of smoke as they struggled to get to the stranded group.

Source: LAFD

The vision shows the pilots attempting the difficult landing near the ridge covered by service buildings, cars and antennae, as fires burned nearby.

"This isn't looking good," the pilots can be heard saying as they try to manoeuvre around buildings, trees and vehicles to land.

The Los Angeles Fire Department who released the footage on Tuesday said their pilots were running low on fuel and had no resources to undertake a hoist operation at the time of the rescue.

"Once on the ground, Nordquist held the idling helicopter amid the brush as the full force of the Woolsey fire bore down on the mountain outpost," a statement from the fire department said on their website.

"Smith quickly exited the helicopter and ran to the aid of the civilians trapped on the mountain."

Source: LAFD

The LAFD commended the pilots for their professionalism, dedication and technical expertise.

The incredible vision captures the conversation between the pilots and command as they whisked three people and their two dogs to safety, with social media users commending the pilots' calmness throughout.

Source: LAFD

At least three people have been killed in the Woolsey Fire which burned through nearly 100,000 acres of land.

Meanwhile tens of thousands have been evacuated across California with hundreds still missing and at least 79 dead, as fires continue to devastate communities.

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Featured Image: LAFD