Teenager Sets Incredible Rubik's Cube World Record

One in each hand and one with his feet.

That's how 13-year-old Que Jianyu does his Rubik's cubes.

While most people are struggling to solve one Rubik's cube, 13-year-old Que Jianyu is solving three of them at the same time.

On Guinness World Record Day earlier this month, Jianyu set the one minute and 6.39 seconds record in the category that he created.

Image: Guinness World Records

It wasn't the only record he broke that day.

He also shaved more than a second off the previous record time for solving a Rubik's cube while upside down.

That took him just 15.84 seconds.

"Solving Rubik's cubes has improved my spatial thinking and logical reasoning," Jianyu said after his efforts.

"Solving Rubik's cubes has also enabled me to make lots of new friends and meet lots of masters.

"I began by looking at lots of formulas and picked out the one which suited me best and practised over and over."

Image: Guinness World Record

The 'King of Cubes', as the Guinness Book of Records named him, also set the fastest time for solving three Rubik's cubes while JUGGLING them back in May.

He was given 15 seconds to look the puzzles over, and it took him five minutes and 6.61 seconds to finish them all.

The record for solving a Rubik's cube while being upright -- while not as nearly as interesting as Jianyu's efforts -- is just 4.22 seconds.