'Dead' Man Comes Back To Life Moments Before Funeral

A 'dead' man in India whose family was preparing for his funeral has miraculously 'come back to life'.

Budh Ram, 95, was confirmed dead by a private doctor on Saturday afternoon, after he fainted.

The family informed relatives about his death and began preparing for the funeral rites, reports the Times of India.

"The priest had started the rituals and a barber had shaved the heads of the men in the family. We were about to bathe the body as a customary practise before the funeral procession," his son Balu Ram told the publication.

However, when the family poured water over Ram's chest, he began to shiver. Shocked, they carried him back to bed, and he started breathing again.

When asked, Ram said he had simply suffered chest pain and gone to sleep.

"It is nothing but a miracle" Balu Ram said.

The miraculous return to life happened during Diwali, a five-day festival of lights celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world.

"This is a very happy Diwali for us," Budh Ram's younger son Ranjit Ram said.

"Had my father been dead, we wouldn't have celebrated the festvial as is the norm in any house where a death has occurred. But this time, the celebrations are going to be grand."

Lead photo: Getty