Four Men Dress As A 'Bus' To Cross Vehicle-Only Bridge

A group of men have been nabbed by security after trying to cross a vehicle-only bridge wearing a cut-out bus costume.

Every now and then we, as pedestrians, come across an area that's simply off limits; Macca's drive thrus and freeways quickly to come mind.

Bridges can also cause chaos for those who prefer to get around on foot. The  two-kilometre Zolotoy Bridge in Russia's Vladivostok is one of those no-go zones. 

But it seems a group of creative men have decided to challenge the 'vehicle-only' rule by dressing as one big 'human bus'.

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An amused driver managed to catch vision of the men attempting to slowly cross the bridge in the bright yellow cut-out.

Their plan was foiled midway though, when security showed up and ordered the 'bus' to turn around.

While it's not yet known if the pranksters copped any punishment, we do know they managed to win the hearts of a fair few drivers.