Amazon Echo May Have Recorded The Murder Of Two Women

A judge in the US has asked Amazon provide recordings from an Echo device after the death of two women.

The Echo was in the same New Hampshire home where the women's bodies were found in January 2017 and therefore, could have been recording around the time the pair died.

A man has been charged with their murder and has pleaded not guilty before the court.

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Amazon said it would only provide the recordings if they were legally mandated to do so. Now the judge has requested the data be available as additional evidence.

Amazon Echo could provide crucial evident for murder case. Image: Getty Images.

The judge has also asked Amazon provide information detailing which devices the Echo was paired with at the time of the women's death.

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In 2017, Amazon handed over recordings for a different murder that occurred in Arkansas, but only after the defendant consented to them doing so.

Featured Image: Getty Images

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