Police Rescue A Lion Cub As Its Owner Took Selfies With It

The 33-year-old man tried to convince officers the pet inside his green Lamborghini was "just a cat" but they didn't buy it.

Paris police have rescued a lion cub after its owner was caught posing for selfies with it along the famous Champs Elysees.

The two-month-old cub was handed over to animal shelter "30 Millions d'Amis" or 30 Million Friends Foundation. Vets said the little fella is a bit weak and has an issue with one of his legs but is being treated.

Rescued lion cub. Photo: 30 Million Friends Foundation.

Police arrested the driver but let two friends also in the luxury car - go.

The President of 30 Millions d'Amis Reha Hutin said lion cubs are often sold as 'pets'.

" It is imperative that the authorities take measures to stop what has become a real trafficking of wild animals. These babies, torn from their mother, are sold to private individuals."

"We have saved six beasts in less than a year," said Hutin.

Expert Lois Lelanchon from the International Fund for Animal Welfare told the BBC illegally kept lion cubs are unlikely to have been born in the wild.

"There is a good chance they were born in captivity in Europe. They could be from private owners, irresponsible breeders, non-accredited zoos, and unscrupulous circuses." he said.

Lamborghini on show in Milan, Italy. Photo: Getty.

Officials say it's often rich people with money to burn who buy illegal wildlife - but in this case the Lamborghini was a rental.