Writer Explains Sexual Assault By Likening It To Getting Kicked In The Nuts

An American writer has hit the nail on the nuts with his analogy explaining why women are so enraged by Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the US Supreme Court.

It's been roughly two years since the first allegations of the systemic sexual harassment in Hollywood were published, igniting the #MeToo movement and setting in motion an international discussion about women's rights which was decades overdue.

At its core is the disbelief and questioning which, often like a reflex, society has handed victims who come forward.

On October 8, President Donald Trump ceremonially swore in Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh despite accusations from multiple women of sexual assault and misconduct.

The subsequent trial, Trump's very public insinuation those women were lying and Kavanaugh's recent confirmation have all reignited anger about how women are so often not believed.

In a series of Tweets, blogger A.R. Moxon swapped out sexual assault for the painful experience of being kicked in the nuts, in a bid to explain to men why these recent events have enraged so many women.

It's a long one but a good one, so pull up a chair and have a read.