Trump Roasted For Skipping Armistice Day Memorial Due To Rain

People are heaping scorn on Donald Trump after he cancelled an appearance at an Armistice Day memorial because it was raining.

The White House defended the President's no-show at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in Belleau, claiming the weather made it impossible for Trump to attend the service.

"(His attendance) has been cancelled due to scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather," the White House said in a statement, adding that a delegation led by Chief of Staff John Kelly, a retired general, went instead.

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But many pointed out that while Trumo's helicopter may have had difficulties flying in the rain, there would have been other options to get the president to the memorial. Ben Rhodes, former adviser and speech writer for President Barack Obama, said the White House always made contingency plans for all scenarios.

"There is always a rain option. Always," he tweeted.

Rhodes hit back at those defending the President for not driving to the event because of the 160 kilometre trip, reminding them other world leaders had made the journey.

Others laid the boot into Trump for not making more effort to attend the ceremony.

Washington Post David Nakamura tweeted a thread explaining how a contingency plan would be put in place.

"The military would make the bad weather call to ground Marine One. The key is having enough time to scramble the backup plan -- usually at least an hour is needed, source said. WH [White House] would work with locals to put it in motion, predetermined street closures, police escorts, etc," he tweeted.

"My source is very experienced in WH planning. He was adamant: 'I'm 100 percent sure they would have had a way to get there by vehicle.'"

Many have roasted the President for his 'rain' excuse and noted other world leaders -- including Canadian president Justin Trudeau and former US president Barack Obama -- braving the rain in the past to pay their respects.

Descendants of those who served during WW1 also joined in on the condemnation,  posting the stories of the condition their families members served in, including condemnation from Winston Churchill's grandson.

But then again, some people have joked Trump just simply does not know how to  use an umbrella.

Keeping with the theme, Trump was also reportedly several hours late to a dinner with Macron.

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