Street Artist Adds Cheeky Edits To Road Signs In Edinburgh

Walk or drive through the streets of some of the world’s most popular cities and you might just miss them.

An artist has been playfully adding their touch to road signs throughout cities. 

The latest signs to receive a face lift with flowers and wine glasses were spotted in Edinburgh.

French street artist Clet Abraham, whose work has been spotted on the streets of Paris, Rome, Florence and Barcelona, is believed to be behind them.

A street sign modified by French artist Clet Abraham on July 31, 2011 in Florence, Italy. Image: Getty

Abraham doesn’t damage nor change the function of the signs; instead he uses stickers to wake up attention and “create a dialogue”.

But he has his critics. Art experts in Edinburgh told the BBC they hope the city council doesn’t destroy the latest works.

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Clet Abraham. Image: Getty
A no entry road traffic sign is decked out in Florence. Image: Getty

“It’s wonderful when an artist plays with the city’s infrastructure and what it does for us,” said Sorcha Carey, director of the Edinburgh Art Festival.

“It makes us notice things that have been there all the time that we haven’t seen before and makes it visible in a whole new way.”

“It’s a way of keeping the cityscape alive.”

Next time you’re walking the streets, keep an eye out.

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Lead photo: Getty