Dead Brothel Owner Wins Seat In US Midterm Elections

Brothel owner Dennis Hof was buried on Monday after dying in his sleep at the age of 72. 

The very next day, he was elected to the Nevada State Assembly in the US midterm elections.

Hof was the owner of several large, legal brothels including the Love Ranch and Moonlite BunnyRanch. Just four months before he died he'd won the Republicans primary vote for his district.

The midterm election's unofficial results show Hof beat Democrat Lesia Romanov, gaining 63 percent of the vote.

Dennis Hof won a seat in the US midterm elections. Image: Getty Images.

Dead or alive, Hof's victory wasn't expected. Despite his passing before the election, his campaign manager urged people to vote for him as a means of sending a message to the Democrats. Under Nevada state law, candidates that are elected posthumously are simply replaced by another member of their party.

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It seems being voted into office after death is just another element of his unique and sometimes bizarre career.

Hof sold timeshares for a living until 1993, when he bought his first brothel. Hof's profile started to build when the BunnyRanch -- one of his brothels-- was featured on HBO reality show Cathouse between 2005-2014.

Dennis Hof's LOoeRanch featured on a HBO show. Image: Getty Images.

It was in one of his brothels that NBA star Lamar Odam was found unconscious and it was he who helped a 21-year-old girl sell off her virginity to the highest bidder.

Hof was also behind the 2016 campaign called 'Hookers for Hillary' which saw prostitutes support Hillary Clinton in her bid to become the first female US president.

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Hof died on October 16 and the coroner is still trying to determine his cause of death.

Featured Image: Getty Images.