Student Pretends To Go Full MAGA, Dupes Trump Fans Out Of $97

Twitter scammer manages to con cash out of Trump supporters.

A university student in the United States says she scammed diehard Trump supporters by pretending her parents had cut her off financially for her Republican beliefs.

Twitter user @chckpeas -- who has given different names to different news organisations -- posted a photo of herself in a Make America Great Again hat 'outing' herself as a Trump supporter.

"I will not hide any longer," she tweeted. "The left has made us feel as if us black Republicans should hide!! But not anymore!!"

Who knew they made MAGA bucket hats? Photo: Twitter.

That was only the beginning. The student then claimed that her parents were cutting her off financially, even producing a text conversation with her mum.

And then the real scam began: @chckpeas -- who identified herself as Karen to 10 daily, but said that wasn't her real name -- started a GoFundMe asking for financial donations to help her apparently pay for college.

You've got to appreciate the artistry that went into these texts. Photo: Twitter.

"After seeing this tweet my parents cut me off and refuse to pay my university tuition," she said.

"So if you can find it in your hearts to help this young, black Republican pay for school, it would be appreciated."

As her tweets began to go viral, people went trawling through her Twitter history and decided that she probably wasn't a real Trump supporter. And very, very quickly, she outed herself as making the whole thing up.

She was pretty open about the fact that she was definitely not a MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter. Photo: Twitter.

The GoFundMe page was quickly taken down, but not before 'Karen' claimed on Twitter that she had received enough donated money to "afford my tuition, rent and 17 iPhones now".

Karen claimed she could afford 17 iPhones, which is a very specific and some might say useless number of phones. Photo: Twitter.
Bizarrely enough, this is a photoshopped image of Lady Gaga; that's her 'The Fame' cover, but not her face. Photo: Twitter.

Once it became apparent that she was apparently out to scam MAGA fans, news of her ventures spread even further.

Overnight, Karen gave two interviews: to Elle and to NY Mag. In both interviews, she gave slightly different accounts of what happened.

“The Trumpies saw my old tweets about Obama and realised maybe I might have been lying. But I was faster and took everything before it could be taken from me," she told Elle.

But she told NY Mag: “I just honestly didn’t want to take their money. Yeah, I can’t pay for school but I don’t want Republican money to pay for it. I just want everyone to think I’m the finesse queen, which I am.”

When 10 daily reached out, she said she wouldn't give an interview unless it was paid, which goes against 10 policy.

"That's between me and the IRS," she replied, when we asked how much money she'd received.

DMs between the author of this article and 'Karen'. Photo: 10 daily.

However, GoFundMe confirmed to 10 daily that the total was just $97 -- and all four donors had been refunded.

"All four donors have been refunded and the user has been banned from the platform," a spokesperson said.

"After the campaign was launched, it was reported to our Trust and Safety team. The campaign was reviewed and removed from the platform.

"The platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means all donors are protected by a refund policy if misuse occurs."

It comes just one day before the US midterm elections, with a campaign led by conservative commentator Candice Owens encouraging black Americans to walk away from the Democratic Party; she claimed Kanye West designed her 'Blexit' -- i.e. 'Black Exit' -- logos, which the rapper quickly backed away from.

“[The Republican Party] needs black faces, so they throw money at any black person that says they support Trump so that people stop thinking of them as the 'racist party'," Karen told Elle, when it was believed her scam was still a scam.

"But it’s never going to happen.”

A separate GoFundMe campaign to "help Quran [another name she has been using] return to school" and reward her for her efforts has been set up, but at the time of writing, no donations have yet been made.

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