CCTV Captures Woman's Greedy Act

It's every child's worst nightmare on Halloween: wandering towards the bowl to find all of the lollies are gone. 

If this duo had walked any slower, they may have had a bitter ending.

CCTV has captured a woman who is clearly just in it for the candy, as she shovels handfuls from a bowl on October 31.

Yep, she reaches in and takes a hefty five handfuls, capped off with a single piece of candy -- only stopping when two boys patiently arrive behind her.

Five handfuls later ... Image: Reddit

As she casually wanders back down the stairs, they proceed to show incredible restraint, taking only their fair share.

The whereabouts of the greedy act, posted on Reddit, are unclear.

It has prompted outrage, with many users calling out the woman as "selfish" and "greedy".

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But it seems like this may be a common occurrence .

"This happens to me every year," said one user.

"Every year I put out my candy because I won't be home as I take my kids out to enjoy the festivities. And every year my neighbour lets me know someone just took the entire bowl of candy."

Ah, the joys of Halloween.