Why There's A Map Of Australia On This English Hillside

It's an unusual place to see a map of Australia, but this hill in Wiltshire, England carries historical significance for servicemen and woman down under.

During World War One, a large military compound called Hurdcott Camp was set up on the outskirts of the village of Compton Chamberlayne, in south west England.

The Australian Imperial Force took over the camp in 1917 and Aussie soldiers were sent there to recover from illnesses and injuries.

The soldiers carved a map of Australia on the hill above the camp, but it gradually faded over time.

Ahead of the 100 year anniversary of the World War One armistice, the Map Of Australia Trust decided to restore the image.

For the last four years, the Trust and its volunteers have been working to rebuild the faded map. Volunteers have travelled from all over England and even from Australia to lend a hand to reinstate the icon on the hill.

The volunteers and the members of the trust hope the map will act as a tribute to soldiers who occupied Hurdcott Camp during the war.

The map was finished late last week and is ready in time for centenary commemorations on November 11.

Featured Image: Twitter: Australian War Memorial/Map Of Australia Trust 

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