Five-Year-Old Boy Applies For School With 15-Page Resume

He may be just five-years-old, but this boy has already achieved more than most of us will in a lifetime.

The extraordinary 15-page resume of a five-year-old Chinese boy has been shared on social media, causing outrage, reports the South China Morning Post.

Written by the unnamed boy's parents, the resume boasts the child has read more than 10,000 books -- in both Chinese and English -- and includes photos of writing in both languages supposedly written by the child.

Image: Weibo

He is described as having  “an independent personality, rich and varied experience, and a wide variety of hobbies", said the South China Morning Post.

A world map is also provided marking the places the boy has travelled to.

He is also able to "withstand defeat", claimed the parents.

“If I [the boy] get told off, I can quickly adjust my mood and actively dedicate myself to my studies," the resume claimed.

It also claims the 6.5-kilometre daily trip on the bus to school is a "scenic trip" for the boy, who enjoys playing with his friends during the ride.

The resume claims he is well-travelled, and provides a world map of all the countries he has visited. Image: Weibo

Despite having achieved so much at such a tender age, the resume said the boy believes age is just a number.

"Life is a marathon and age is only a negligible detail," it said.

The CV was shared by Kai Ba, an entertainment blogger on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, on Tuesday.

Amassing more than 20,000 comments, most were horrified at the pressures placed on the boy at such a young age.

Image: Weibo

“Children get the same happiness out of playing with mud as they do with building blocks, and the same goes for setting fires in a rubbish dump and travelling abroad. It’s up to the parents to guide their child to do meaningful things,” said one Weibo comment.

“It seems that I can’t achieve more than this child in my lifetime," said another.

Competition for places at elite kindergartens in Chinese cities is at an all-time high leading tothe rising phenomenon of 'tiger parents'.

A six-year-old girl made headlines in China in April, with an equally ambitious resume.

The girl's parents claimed the girl could speak by the age of three months and could do computer programming by the age of five, the South China Morning Post reported.