First NFL Cheerleader Kneels During National Anthem

Mirroring the protest Colin Kaepernick started in 2016, an NFL cheerleader has defiantly taken a knee during the American national anthem.

The young woman -- who cheers for Kaepernick's former team the San Francisco 49ers -- seems to be the first cheerleader to take a knee during the anthem in protest of racism and police brutality in the US, though her motives have not yet come to light.

Photos shared to social media show the cheerleader clearly kneeling on the ground with her hands on her hips as the rest of her squad stand around her prior her team kicking off against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night (local time).

Colin Kaepernick, a former 49ers quarterback, famously refused to stand for the 'Star-Spangled Banner' for the first time in August 2016, following several incidents of police brutality against African Americans.

The protest only grew from there, as numerous other athletes either knelt during the anthem or raised their fists in solidarity with the movement.

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To say the American people were divided on the issue is putting it lightly.

The NFL announced in March this year that it would fine players who kneel, while President Donald Trump has on multiple occasions condemned all those involved in the protests.

Despite many members of the public lashing out at their sporting stars for taking part in a protest they believed was disrespectful to the United States and its military personnel, Nike made a massive show of support for Kaepernick earlier this year.

The sporting brand featured the former quarterback in their advertising campaign, centered around the slogan: "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything".

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While numerous consumers subsequently decided to burn their Nike merchandise, Nike's share price hit an all-time high following the campaign's launch, which suggests many others went out and purchased more.

The young woman has not yet been identified or commented on her actions.