The Stunning Waterfall You Have To See To Believe

The breathtaking Hukou waterfall is one destination you will want to add to your bucket list.

Attracting more than 3,000 tourists and photographers each day, the magnificent Hukou waterfall in Jixian County, north China's Shanxi Province is truly magical.

The frozen Hukou Waterfall during winter shows the kettle like flow of the water. Image: Getty

The fall sits on the boarder between the Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province.

With roaring water gushing straight down the 30-metre cliffs each day, it's the second largest in China but definitely the most spectacular.

Photographers, armatures and professionals are drawn by the thousands to the waterfall. Image: Getty

The waterfall's name translates in Chinese to "mouth of kettle" and named so because of the resemblance of the water pouring from a giant kettle.