Fashion To Make You Drool: Models In Chocolate Clothes Rock Paris Runway

If Willy Wonka opened a factory in Paris, we imagine this is what it would look like.

There wasn't an oompa loompa in site as the models danced down the catwalk in edible clothes, covered in chocolate to celebrate opening night of the annual The Salon Du Chocolat Fair in the capital of all things delicious -- Paris, France.

24,000 square meters of rich, delicious, luscious, chocolate exhibits.

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"The Chocolate Fair has become the world championship of Chocolate," Sylvie Douce, president of the 24th International Chocolate Fair said.

French actress Nadege Beausson-Diagne presents a creation made of chocolate. | Image: Getty.

'Salon Du Chocolat' translates to Salon of Chocolate in French and it didn't disappoint.

The models weren't about to let the tasty treats steal the show though, with some models break dancing, singing and even giving a lap dance with a sword.

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We aren't sure what to make of the extravaganza, which over the past 24 years gets bigger and more outrageous to the delight of chocolate lovers from more than 500 countries.

Image: Getty

Art lovers can look but not taste, gigantic chocolate sculptures by contemporary artists and foodies can learn new ways to enjoy chocolate.  Japanese gastronomy is this year's feature.

The fashion parade kicked off the four day spectacular indulgence earlier this week. It also boasts 200 world renowned chefs participating in dessert competitions, French pastry tastings and workshops.

There is no word on who gets to devour the clothes once the models exit the runway.

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