Girl Killed Chasing After Her Dog Will Be Buried With Her 'Best Friend'

Jennarae Goodbar and her beloved dog were killed instantly and will be buried together.

Jennarae was only 12 but the animal lover wanted nothing more than a dog, so she saved up her pocket money and bought aptly named Cash, a puppy who would become her bestfriend.

On Saturday afternoon the Maury River Middle School student was training Cash in the front yard of the family home in Rockbridge County, Virginia, when Cash suddenly took off, dashing onto busy Route 60.

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Jennarae rushed out to save her beloved dog, both her and Cash were hit by an oncoming car, the driver was unable to stop in time.

Image: Jennarae Goodbar with her beloved dog, Cash

Both Jennarae and her pet were killed.

Police are still investigating the tragic crash.

"Goodbar was chasing the family dog when she entered the roadway and was struck by the vehicle," Virginia State Police Trooper R.E Tackett said.

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Her mother, Donna Jean Stuples told local media that her daughter will be laid to rest with her best friend, puppy Cash in a service on Saturday.

Image: Jennarae Goodbar with her bestfriend.

"It was her baby" she said tearfully.

A GoFundMe page has been established, so far almost $10,000 USD has been raised to help the family with the unexpected funeral costs.

"She will always be remembered as a sweet, energetic, dog loving, hunting loving little girl - a little girl who touched the lives of many," her mother wrote on the page.

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