No Survivors Expected As Rescue Crews Continue Horrific Search

Rescue crews have worked through the night, recovering items and body parts belonging to the 189 people on board Lion Air flight JT610 when it crashed into the Java Sea.

It is believed 23 government officials, four employees of state tin mining company PT Timah and three employees of a Tinmah subsidiary were on the plane. Three children were also on board when the plane crashed.

Authorities have told local news channel Metro TV that 24 body bags containing human body parts have been taken to hospital for identification and more are expected.

24 body bags of human remains have been removed form the scene. Image: Getty Images.

The plane crashed into waters about 30-35 metres deep after it took off from Indonesia's capital Jakarta, bound for Pangkal Pinang, the capital of the tin mining region Bangka-Belitung.

The scattered debris from the plane suggests a high velocity crash. The flight plunged from 4,850 feet (1,479 metres) altitude into the water below in just 21 seconds, according to data from FlightRadar24.

This means the aircraft fell from the sky at 560km/h.

Among debris from the wreckage were life vests, headphones, shoes, wallets, underwear and human body parts.

Passenger's personal belongings have been recovered after the crash. Image: Getty Images.

One of the pilots was an Indian national and the pair had accrued 11,000 hours of flying time between them.

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ten daily understands no Australians were on board the ill-fated plane.

The search for victims continues. Image: Getty Images.

The incident is the first reported crash of a Boeing 737 MAX and the Lion Air plane had only been in operation for two months. Lion Air chief executive Edward Sirait told media on Monday the plane had a technical issue on its previous flight, but that it had been resolved and the aircraft was deemed airworthy.

Relatives of those on board have flocked to both Jakarta and  Pangkal Pinang airports.

Members of a rescue team bring personal items and wreckage ashore. Photo: Getty

The cause of the crash will be determined when the aircraft's black boxes are recovered.

Featured Image: Getty Images.

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