New Zealand Solves Its Map Conspiracy In New Tourism Ad Ft. Peter Jackson, Ed Sheeran

Six months ago, New Zealand investigated a conspiracy: that the country was disappearing off world maps.

At last, they've come up with a few answers... kinda.

A new tourism video taps taps the likes of comedian Rhys Darby, director Peter Jackson, and even Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to solve the mystery of why the little country of New Zealand is frequently ditched on world maps.

It looks like the answer may be a certain ginger global superstar whose name rhymes with Shed Beeran, but not everything is as it seems.

Comedian Rhys Darby

"I love New Zealand -- it stole my heart and it feels bonkers anyone could miss it off a map," said Ed Sheeran, which is exactly what someone who has masterminded a global conspiracy to leave New Zealand off the map would say.

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Ardern, who lent her support to the last ad, said she loved seeing the global response to the campaign.

Didn't conspire to get New Zealand off the map? Sure mate.

"With a little help from Sir Peter, my hope is that people see New Zealand right where it deserves to be -- on top of their list of places to visit!"

This seems legit and not at all insane.

And it's not just Jackson adding a little bit of Middle Earth magic to the tourism campaign; that map was created by calligrapher Daniel Reeves, who also designed the maps associated with both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchises.

There's not a small amount of comparisons made between Australia and New Zealand that find us the lesser of the two, and here's another one:

New Zealand does a tourism campaign, and it's adored worldwide; Australia does one, and not only does it get banned in several key countries for being low-key offensive, but we make the muppet behind it our prime minister.

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