David Schwimmer's Hilarious Response To Lookalike Thief

When the UK Police posted a photo of a wanted beer thief that looked like David Schwimmer's twin the internet went into meltdown.

Blackpool Police posted an image on Facebook trying to track down a beer thief, and now due to the image going viral, the world is pointing the finger at none other than Ross Geller from Friends.

Within 12 hours the post had received more than 75,000 comments and now sits at more than 142,000.

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Detectives were probably hoping for information to track down the man who they want to speak to over a restaurant theft on September 20.

Instead, the public managed to give the staff from Blackpool a good giggle with the flood of comments left.

"I'm surprised you haven't found him ... it's like you're always stuck in second gear" Olly Byrne wrote.

"Was he on a break?" Matt McNicholas wanted to know.

Heather Marie Wilson wanted to help but found the post a little too long "It was 18 pages... front AND back! It rambled on so long that I fell asleep"

Clearly every Friends reference that can be made, has.

Schwimmer has responded to the allegations and posted this video on his official twitter account.

When your crime goes viral.... it definitely has not been your day, or month, or even your year.

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