Man Catches Neighbour On Video Stealing Avocados Using Pool Scoop

A man has caught his "asshole" neighbours stealing the avocados right off his tree using a pool scoop.

Footage of the blatant theft emerged on Reddit, showing the pool scooper snake its way over the fence and pluck the avocados right from the tree.

It was uploaded to the subreddit 'Mildly Infuriating' by the man's partner -- and apparently, it's not this neighbour's first offence.

"Asshole neighbour keeps stealing my boyfriend's avos from his tree," the person wrote.

They also insisted that the video is "100 percent" not staged.

"My boyfriend's neighbours are from the depths of hell," they wrote.

"They're infamous for loud parties and ignoring all requests to be civil in the neighbourhood. This isn't the first time, either."

Fellow Redditors suggested that the neighbours could be behaving illegally, and that the poster should ask the people over in the 'Legal Advice' subreddit about it, because -- and we quote -- "they love tree law."

Of course, neighbours behaving terribly is the oldest issue in the world. Cavemen probably got narky at their fellow cavemen for stealing all the good sabre tooth tigers or something. There's probably several things wrong with that sentence, but please don't email me about it.

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A pretty well-known Reddit post from last year details a man who caused a "potentially catastrophic rift" in his neighbour's marriage after getting fed up with the petty, unneighbourly behaviour.

The Redditor sent a fake message to a prisoner pretending to be from his strictly religious neighbour, claiming to be "a trapped, secretly gay Mormon man with ten kids looking to start an extramarital affair." The inmate replied... and the neighbour's wife found it.

Another Redditor whose neighbour constantly, deliberately, and without mercy played loud music throughout the night made a few very specific phone calls and managed to get this guy arrested for drug dealing.

"I may or may not have called a drug raid on my neighbour because I (and my other neighbours) wanted a peaceful night's sleep," the OP wrote.

But the absolute king of petty neighbour issues probably goes to the Louisiana couple who tried to call the police on their neighbour's house colour, and when that didn't amount to anything, literally painted it themselves while the occupant was away.

"When I got back my house was grey," wrote the Redditor.

"Seriously. I actually almost drove past it because I’m so used to my yellow house."

To top it off, the neighbours who did the painting filed a lawsuit against the occupant for the cost of the painters, which amounted to about US $4,000 ($5,600).

The owner ended up suing them right back. It was never clarified whether or not they were successful.

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