No One Showed Up To Teddy's Sixth Birthday Party

Teddy was left devastated after none of his 32 classmates showed up to his birthday party.

Teddy held his party at a pizza restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, at a table laid out for several dozen people. In a photo shared by a local journalist, plates and napkins that boldly proclaim "party on!" line the table, while six-year-old Teddy looks on, glum and alone.

Teddy at his birthday party, where no one showed up. Photo: ABC 15.

His mum, Sil Mazzini, told local media that invites were sent out to his kindergarten classmates and their parents, but that while a few people sent RSVPs saying they wouldn't be able to attend, most simply didn't respond.

"I'm done with parties for a while," she told ABC 15.

Local reporter Nick VinZant posted a photo sent by Teddy's mum on Facebook, asking people to please wish him a happy birthday. VinZant also said that he'd confirmed with the restaurant that the photo was real, and not staged.

Strangers, local businesses and even the Phoenix Suns came in to wish Teddy a happy birthday.

"How about we celebrate with thousands at our place!" the Phoenix Suns said on Twitter, throwing him tickets to a game against the L.A. Lakers.

A local pest control company invited Teddy for a ride in their Mouse Limo.

Others wished him a happy birthday and said they wish they could come to his party.

The family decided to spend Teddy's actual birthday reading out well-wishes from strangers.

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Photo: Nick VinZant.