Would-Be Robbers Follow Owner's Advice To Return Later For More Money, Are Of Course Arrested

If they gave out awards to the worst robbers, these guys would win.

Six would-be thieves attempting to rob an e-cigarette store have been branded the 'worst robbers in Belgium' in what a bewildered store owner likened to a comedy.

The store owner, known as Didier, whose business is based in the Belgian city of Charleroi, told local media that the group walked into his store in broad daylight and intended to rob him.

The shop owner told the BBC the nearly 15 minute ordeal initially ended after he attempted to befriend the group by convincing them to come back later because he would have more money to give them at the end of the day.

"There was some pushing and shoving," Didier told the BBC.

"I didn't give them a thing, but said if they came back later I would have two or three thousand euros."

According to the shop owner police didn't believe the would-be thieves would actually come back, but bizarrely they did... twice.

Didier said one member of the group appeared at the store's door at around 5:30pm but left again when they were told the store didn't close for another hour.

Incredibly all of them returned again for a third time at 6:30pm, where police were at this point ready and waiting to catch them.

Local media reported five males including a minor were arrested.

Didier told a local television station RTL he believed the group had watched too many movies.

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Featured Image: screenshot from RTL Info