Remains Of More Than 60 Babies, Fetuses Found Stashed In Funeral Home

About 63 fetuses and infants have been removed from a funeral home, the second facility where remains have been improperly disposed.

Police discovered the remains at the Perry Funeral Home in Detroit on Friday.

They were found in unrefrigerated boxes and a deep freezer, authorities said.

Some of the bodies had dates of death in 2015.

"I've never seen anything (like this) in my 41 and a half years" as an officer, Detroit police chief James Craig said, the Detroit Free Press reported.

"It's disturbing, but we will get to the bottom of this."

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Perry Funeral Home is the second such facility in Detroit where fetuses have been found. The remains of 10 fetuses and an infant were found hidden in the ceiling of a former Detroit funeral home last week.

In that case, an anonymous letter led state regulators to the building that housed the Cantrell Funeral Home.

Craig said law enforcement agencies are considering forming a task force to investigate the issue, specifically targeting improper storage of remains and fraud.

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