Kleenex Renames 'Mansize' Tissues After Sexist Complaints

They're "confidently strong and comfortingly soft" and for years, have been marketed for men. 

Kleenex maker Kimberly-Clark has announced it is rebranding its 'Mansize' tissues, sold in the UK, after a wave of complaints that the name was sexist.

The company said the product would instead be called 'Kleenex Extra Large' -- a much more appropriate name resembling a suggestion from this clever four-year-old.

Kleenex was first sold in the US, and a year later the UK, as a cold cream or make-up remover in the 1920s. It launched 'Kleenex for Men' tissues in 1965, claiming the product would "stay strong when wet".

They've been the "number-one facial tissue brand in the UK for the past 50 years".

Fast forward to 2018 and growing criticism has forced the company to act.

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Kimberly-Clark told the London Telegraph it "in no way" suggests being both strong and soft was an "exclusively masculine trait", nor did the "Mansize" branding endorse gender inequality.

"Nevertheless, as we remain committed to developing the best possible products for our consumers and take any feedback seriously, we decided to renovate our current product and update the product sub-brand as Kleenex Extra Large," the company said.

Kleenex has started replying to social media users, confirming the move.

It joins a wave of companies who have made moves to ditch gender-specific products.

Most recently, British supermarket chain Waitrose said it was changing the name of its 'Gentleman's Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll' following consumer backlash.

According to Kleenex, some 'Extra Large' tissue boxes are already appearing on the shelves.

Featured image: AAP