The Dating Show Where Contestants Have Sex Before Deciding If They Like Each Other

'Could making love make you fall in love?'

Before the world of online and romance combined, people were forced to get to know each other -- you know, by actually talking.

If you ever wanted to meet that perfect partner, you had to go out, into the world, and meet them.

Now, with dating apps and online profiles it's been easier than ever to connect with people, but this means there's more and more people to feed through to find someone you have a special connection with.

Well, one French dating show called 'Making Love' attempts to help people work out if they have a connection with a stranger in the most intimate of ways.

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Scientifically matched singles are bought together, where they have sex first, before deciding if they like each other. The question at the centre of the show is; 'could making love make you fall in love?'

Behind bedroom doors, cameras capture the new couple's every move, every awkward moment, before pulling away from the pair at the very last minute.

Once the deed is done, contestants then hurry to the bathroom area where they debrief the audience on how their partner performed. The couples are then followed over a number of weeks to see if they remain friends-with-benefits, or if their relationship transitions into something more serious.

The show is made by French producers, however, the contestants on the first season were British.

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There are a number of other dating shows that try to take the guess work out of dating. One show called 'Find My Body' has people guess which body part goes with which contestant.

A show from Spain 'Forever or Never' uses movie make-up to age people 20 or 30 years, so young lovers can see what their partner will look like in the future.

Another from Spain called 'Ex-To-Be' sends people on dates with others who have the qualities they say their partners might lack.

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