Chubbs The Famous 4.5 Metre Alligator Returns To Florida Golf Course

It's been two years since the local celebrity and absolute unit of an alligator was last spotted.

Chubbs, the famous 4.5 metre resident at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida, returned to the green over the weekend.

In 2016, the massive alligator rose to fame when it strolled, non-nonchalantly across the golf course while golfers looked on shocked and terrified.

A video of the giant animal was shared on social media and ever since Chubbs has been a local-area celebrity.

Image: Facebook/Sage Stryczny.

On the weekend, he returned to the golf course for another stroll. Walking his over-sized feet over the green, Chubbs' enormous tail was dragging behind.

"Never know what you're [going to] come across on the golf course," golfer Sage Stryczny posted on Facebook a day after seeing the alligator at the course.

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The video he posted, showing the massive animal, has had nearly 5000 views.

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