Flash Flooding In The South Of France Has Claimed 10 Lives

At least 10 people have been killed in the worst flash floods the south of France has seen in 100 years.

The floods occurred in the Aude region in France and local authorities say several months worth of rain fell in just a few hours.

In one part of the city, a wine cellar was flooded. The red-coloured liquid was washed out of its barrels and into the water-logged streets turning it purple.

Image: Getty Images.

Above the water flowing in the streets, people have taken refuge on their roofs where they wait to be rescued by helicopters, as travelling by boat has been deemed too dangerous.

Residents in the worse affected areas have been told to stay inside their homes until the flash floods pass. In the nearby Thebes, floodwaters have risen to as high as seven metres.

Schools have been closed in the area and all roads in the nearby city of Carcassonne are inaccessible.

A bridge was torn down and carried away in the currents near Villegailhenc and other surrounding towns are on alert.

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