Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal In Canada

The North American nation joins Uruguay as the only two countries in the world to legalise cannabis for recreational use.

Approved by Parliament earlier this year, Bill C-45 ("The Cannabis Act") allows Canadians to possess up to 30 grams of pot and grow as many as four plants of any size per household.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised cannabis legalisation as part of his 2015 election campaign.

"It’s been too easy for our kids to get marijuana and for criminals to reap the profits. Today, we change that," he tweeted when the motion passed in June, using the hashtag #PromiseKept.

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The new laws will almost certainly get off to a bumpy start, as different regulations across the country have created uncertainty over exactly what is legal.

For example, while the legal age to purchase weed nationally is 18, the province of British Columbia has set theirs at 19. Quebec's incoming conservative government is hoping to make theirs even later, at 21.

Quebec has also said a firm no to its citizens growing cannabis at home, as has Manitoba.

Dried cannabis and cannabis oil will be available from licensed retailers, however marijuana edibles won't be legal for at least another year.

Cannabis cuttings at an undisclosed location in Victoria. Image: SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images.

Here in Australia, Greens leader Richard Di Natale announced in April his party would push for full legalisation of recreational marijuana.

Despite the country legalising medicinal cannabis in February 2016, advocates say progress is slow and legal recreational use might make things even worse.

"We’ve seen what a complete dog's breakfast has been made of medicinal cannabis. Multiply that by 1000, that's probably what we’re looking at in the political debate on recreational," Dr David Caldicott, of the Australian National University medical school, told ten daily in April.

Federal health minister Greg Hunt slammed the Greens plan, claiming marijuana was "a gateway drug" and "the risk of graduating to ice or to heroin from extended marijuana use is real and documented."